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Have movies been made in all 50 states? Emphatically YES.  In fact, all states have been movie sets for multiple films.  My inquiry into this began when I read recently that a proposed movie would be shot in British Columbia because it would cost half of what it would cost to shoot in California.  I began on to learn that 29 movies and TV shows are currently before the camera in Vancouver and British Columbia. By the way, the www has made research on subjects like this possible.  No one who wasn’t obsessive or didn’t have a lot of time would have pursued this topic before The Internet took over our lives.

Alabama.  This state really surprised me.  Did you know that Borat and Norma Rae were partially made in this state?

Alaska.  One of my favorite movies of all time, Never Cry Wolf, was made here.  Having experienced mid-summer Alaska days when the sun never seems to set,  I wasn’t surprised to discover that Insomnia was made in Alaska.

So many movies, especially westerns like Rio Bravo and Rio Lobo, have been shot in Arizona that it’s like a Hollywood suburb.  It should surprise no one that Raising Arizona, one of the funniest movies ever made, was filmed in…..Arizona.

Not that many movies have been made in Arkansas.  Wikipedia, which strives to be accurate but sometimes isn’t, keeps track and lists 24 (probably not a complete list) including Sling Blade, the film that made Billie Bob Thornton a star, and the underappreciated Mud.

California.  Who could count them all?

Colorado.  I was surprised but not shocked that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid filmed here.  But The Hateful Eight?

Connecticut.  Most of the almost 100 movies made here are older films like All About Eve and Mystic Pizza.  However, Bikini Bloodbath is relatively recent.  Has anyone actually seen it?

Tiny Delaware is one of the few states without a long list of movies-made-there.  Only 10 are Wiki listed.  The most familiar are probably Dead Poets Society and Days of Thunder.

Florida is kind of like Arizona.  It has been a movie magnet since movies were first made. A few might be surprised to learn that Some Like it Hot was not one of them.   Body Heat and Tomorrowland, which also went on location in Vancouver, BC, were.

One of the first movie blockbusters, Birth of a Nation, filmed in Georgia.   So did Deliverance. This state was practically a co-star in that film.

Hawaii was only partially made in Hawaii.  Jurassic Park was to.  Some of it was filmed in California.   Hurricane Iniki occurred during the filming of JP, and some of its fury was included in the movie.   If you go to Kaua’i and visit the National Tropical Botanical Garden, which is a good idea, you can see where Jurassic’s dinosaurs roamed.


My Private Idaho was actually filmed in Idaho, as was Bronco Billy.

Lots of movies have been made in Chicago, so Illinois is a contender, but I was surprised that the list wasn’t longer and to find Field of Dreams listed.  Did you know that Groundhog Day was filmed in Illinois rather than Pennsylvania?

to be continued….Hank




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