The World’s Weirdest Museums


I love lists.   A couple of days ago I reported on the world’s worst places to live based on an on-line list.  Today I got to wondering if there’s a list out there about the world’s weirdest museums, which are the kinds of places I search for as I travel.  Not only were there several, the #1 list was from respected TIME, the time-honored news people.   Headlined NEWSFEED WORLD here are some of Time’s Weirdest World Museums.

But first, a thought.  Weird might be the wrong word to be using.  What’s weird for some is special interest for others.  ABC News, after all, published an on-line report called “The World’s 12 Kinkiest Sex Museums”.  Perhaps unusual would be a more correct word to use than weird.

So, Time’s list of the 10 most unusual museums in the world included only 3 that I was familiar with–Iceland’s Phallological, India’s Sulabh, and Kansas’ Barbed Wire.  Sulabh, by the way, is officially the International Museum of Toilets.  I’m not kidding.  The ones on TIME‘s list that are now on MY list to seek out are:  The Museum of Bad Art, the Cryptozoology Museum, and the Museum of Broken Relationships.  The one on the list that I question because it sounds normal to me is the Instant Ramen Museum in Osaka, Japan.   Truly weird is the Avanos Hair Museum in Turkey.

Of course, I started thinking about the most unusual museums I’ve been in, and there are far more than 10.  Here are some of them, including the museum that, without a doubt, gets the most consistent hits on my blog.  On November 15, 2011, I wrote about the Pauls Stradins Museum of the History of Medicine under the title “Riga’s Take-Your-Medicine Museum”.  Yes, the most interest-stirring museum I’ve found is in Latvia.  The #2 most unusual was right down the road from Latvia in Kaunas, Lithuania–the Devil Museum.   Using the title “A Hoot in Houston”, I gave info about the very unusual National Museum of Funeral History.  There’s a criminology museum in Rome, Italy, that I found fascinating.  A so-called police museum, it was more about human torture. Oh, those Italians!   I loved the fado museum in Lisbon, the, well, unusual Mutter in Philadelphia, the Hunterian in London, Fort Worth’s Leonard’s Department Store Museum, the Museu del Perfum in Barcelona, and the amber museum in Vilnius.  Oh, those Lithuanians!  My most recent find was a museum devoted to rattlesnakes in Albuquerque.

Happy Hunterianing!   And send me the name and location if you know about an unusual, or really weird, museum.



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