What Happened to the Brass Lamp Auto Museum?


The 4 events below occurred during the last 6 months.

Ruth & I were responsible for making reservations for ourselves and 3 other couples in Jasper, Alberta, and I booked 4 rooms at the Overlander Mountain Lodge through Priceline.  The Lodge’s address on our booking confirmation was 27010 Highway 16 East, Jasper East (Alberta).

About 9 pm on an August evening, we headed east on 16 figuring that The Overlander couldn’t be far.  Jasper is a town of only 4,000.  After driving about 10 miles, I sensed something was wrong and turned around.   Back near Jasper, I pulled into a motel and asked the receptionist if she knew where the Overlander was.  “Hinton,” she said.  The town of Hinton was 47 miles away.  At 9:30 pm on a late summer night, of course, all rooms in Jasper were booked so we had no choice but to drive to the Overlander and back to Jasper the next morning.  At least it was a lovely, quaint accommodation.  Was this almost 100 mile side-trip my fault?  It’s true that I didn’t check to see exactly where the Overlander was prior to travel.  At its reception desk I grabbed a business card on which its printed address was P.O. Box 6118, Hinton, Alberta, Canada.

I recently read an article about scenic routes in Washington that recommended State Highway 11 from Bellingham to Burlington, also known as Chuckanut Drive.     Oh no!  I thought.  A friend of Ruth’s had previously recommended the Chuckanut Manor Restaurant on 11.   The highway, which another travel source described as a delightful alternative to I-5, turned out to be a critically narrow, historic road with frequent warning signs about how hazardous it was.  We saw a couple of accidents.  The Chuckanut Manor Restaurant had seen better days.  I figured that Ruth’s friend was remembering it the way it was 10 or more years ago.  Think twice about eating in a restaurant if the recommender hasn’t dined there within, at least, the past 2 years.  Maybe that should be the past 2 months.  Two weeks?

Two weeks ago in Odessa, Texas, Ruth & I planned to visit the Brass Lamp Auto Museum at 701 Grant Street.  odessa-tx.worldweb.com recommended its large display of pre-1916 cars.  We went to 701 Grant Street and there was no museum.  Did it close?   If so, someone forget to delete it from the list of Odessa’s attractions?  Travel advice:  don’t assume that what you’re reading is current.

This past week it was announced that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was stepping down in March, 2013.   John M. Broder’s New York Times News Service article about his accomplishments said, “He also established seven new national parks and 10 new Wildlife refuges….”   “Wow!” I thought. “How did 7 new National Parks occur with no publicity?”  I did some research and, to the best of my knowledge, Mr. Salazar was instrumental in moving California’s Pinnacles National Monument up to National Park status as of January, 2013.   There’s no evidence of 6 other new Parks.  I haven’t seen a correction, yet.

By coincidence, Ruth & I will be in the Gabilan Range in March, 2013, and I’ll check out Pinnacles.  My blog will be accurate.


ps.  The car above is a 1911 Baker Electric I saw in Tacoma’s LeMay Museum.


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